Media Education

Media education for adults​
The digital world has flooded all of us, whether IT specialists, carpenters or politicians, we are all being challenged at the moment! To do nothing is a wrong final decision, because sooner or later we have to face this task.
As a Swisscows team, we want to support you and pass on our knowledge. We don't know everything, but what we know and see coming, we will share with you. Most of Swisscow's employees are fathers and mothers, so we take this responsibility very seriously! We watch the market and our "sensitive pens" are designed for protection.

Children and teenagers spend more time on the Internet than adults!​
Due to the fast internet, breakthrough in the technology sector and cheap mobile devices, children spend more time on the internet than adults! Experts are sounding the alarm that never before has there been addiction to the digital! Even bullying has increased, which through social media, children are open to any attack from outside.

As an IT company, we know too well that there are many dangers in the digital world, whether Internet, surveillance, bullying, cyber and much more!​ We have set ourselves the goal to bring out the main points and stand up for the users, whether small, big or even companies and authorities! It is our vision as a company to protect everyone and educate about the dangers!​ Often children and adolescents are ignorant and thus unprepared for digital dangers!​ We would like to support you and help you!

of boys play computer games every day, averaging 124 minutes a week and 163 minutes on weekends.
of all girls play computer games every day.
children receive their own mobile phone in Germany.
children receive their own mobile phone in Europe.
the first pornographic kids are seen in the US.

A safe net for our children - how children can learn to use digital media.
A small foretaste from our brochure "Digital Media Education".
Ever earlier and ever more often, children and young people are taking advantage of the great diversity that media offer: Television, games, Internet, social networks, mobile phones, etc. It is therefore essential that parents accompany their children growing up with digital media right from the start and protect them from danger.

  • Discovering the world of digital media together
  • Tips for different age groups
    • Media at preschool age 3-6 years - first steps in the digital world
    • Media at primary school age 7-10 years - mobile phones and games
  • Assessing risks and dangers correctly
  • Personal data protection and security tips
    • Privacy
    • Cyberbullying
  • Child-resistant websites and counselling services for parents

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Remember, children should not discover the Internet alone, but take the time to explore it together.

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