Our Datacenter

Swisscows is stored in the most secure data center in Europe in Switzerland.

The SWISS FORT KNOX I + II is an underground data center concept with several locations in the Swiss Alps.

All facilities have independent supplies in all areas as well as a climate system independent of the outside world. The construction is resistant to any military or civilian threat. The access control is very restrictive. Various areas are only accessible to selected employees. The 24-hour operation is constantly monitored by a double-guided OperationCenter. All operating processes are subject to the dual control principle.

Multi-level protection measures in the area of network and IT reduce every conceivable risk to the absolute minimum. All sites have constant video and fire monitoring. Two facilities are connected by a dedicated fiber link.

The SWISS FORT KNOX is operated by SIAG Secure Infostore AG, which is certified according to ISO27001. The concept represents a huge investment volume and is considered the safest data center in Europe.

Dataсenter entry

Server room

Diesel engine room

Monitored entrance door

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